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Famous student protests

Famous student protests


Student Strike of 1970, USA

Kerstin Cornell yells outside the office of University of Michigan President Lee Bollinger during a sit

Students for a Democratic Society


7 Times in History When Students Turned to Activism7 Times in History When Students Turned to Activism

Students protest during the 'Back the Mac' campaign for higher education in British Columbia, 1963.

Mark Rudd, a leader of the student protest at Columbia University in New York,

Fritz Teufel (M, behind microphone), a famous figure of the german student

Fury: British students protest in central London against government plans to triple tuition fees

Tunisians protest with a sign saying 'on top of the paving stones, the jasmine

Vietnam War: Student Activism


To the barricades: on 30 May, the unions led 400,000 to 500,000 protesters through

A sign showing the famous photo from the 1980s Chinese Student protests at Times Square shopping

Vietnam War protestors at the March on the Pentagon.jpg

Berkeley's Fight For Free Speech Fired Up Student Protest Movement

Protesting students in Dhaka

The Student Movement of the 1960s

La Paz, Bolivia. 20th November, 2014. Protesters pass a statue of Simón

Students Calling for Gun Control Can't Vote Yet. But Age Hasn't Stopped Young Activists in the Past

A protest organized by East High School students in Des Moines, Iowa Phil Roeder / Flickr

Students occupy Harvard's University Hall during a demonstration on April 9, 1969. As part

Hundreds of grad students at USC, UCLA, Caltech join national protests against GOP tax bill, saying it will devastate research

The 9 biggest marches and protests in American history

Lion statue in Skopje painted by protests - Stock Image

La educación no se vende.jpg

Lion statue in Skopje painted by protests - Stock Image

Mary Ann Vecchio screams as she kneels over the body of fellow student Jeffrey Miller during

Japan's student protests: To the barricades in designer gear

Vietnam War protests

South Africa's student protests have lessons for all universities

UCT campus 2015 Image source

Please Enjoy These Signs From Students Protesting Climate Change Inaction

Student Protests in Chile

Yellow vests: France protests 'created a monster', says minister - BBC News

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono took the concept of a sit-in

South African student leaders vow to continue tuition fee protests

High-school students in Soweto, South Africa, protesting for better education, 1976

Protesters hold signs during the demonstration against gun violence.

Vietnam War Protests

Civil Rights: Photos From Sit-ins and Protest Training Sessions, 1960 | Time.com

Quebec student protests flare

Peaceful Protest: Definition & Examples

Students erecting a statue called the Goddess of Democracy in Beijing's Tianamen Square. (Credit

Here's What All Successful Student Protests Have in Common

Students protesting at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1970.

ATHENS, GREECE, 28/10/2011 - Student parade for the Greek National

Wilson High School student Peter Rodriguez waves his intact draft card at a school board meeting on March 12 to rebut authorities' claims that the protests ...

Here's What All Successful Student Protests Have in Common

Vietnam war protests, 1965


Why Did Columbia University Students Protest in 1968? | History

Bangladesh protests: How a traffic accident stopped a city of 18 million - BBC News

Today's protests bring about memories of student activism in the 60s.AP

Student activists

Protestors watching members of their band making salt following the civil disobedience riots and demonstrations demanding

Gallaudet eyes more progress for deaf community 30 years after 'Deaf President Now' protest

The History of Student Activism in the United States

Students campaigner march through Oxford universities demanding for Cecil Rhodes statue to be taken down

Students from Montgomery Blair High School march down Colesville Road in support of gun reform legislation

Students protest at the University of Virginia following the arrest by ABC police of student Martese

La Raza at UW

These colleges don't care if you get suspended for #NeverAgain protests

Students participate in a march in support of the National School Walkout in the Queens borough

Arab Spring

On Sept. 7, 1968, hundreds of women in a radical group called "Women's Libbers" gathered on the boardwalk outside of the Atlantic City convention center.

University students hold replicas of famous novels as shields during protests in Rome, 30 November

Brandon Gonzalez, 16, leads fellow students in protest during a class walkout from the Richard R. Green High School of Teaching while participating in the ...

South African students at a #FeesMustFall rally. Photograph by Tony Carr.

Anti-war demonstrators picketing in front of the White House on Jan. 19,


Fifty years ago this week, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee chairperson Stokely Carmichael made the famous call for “Black Power.

Police Crackdown of Free Speech Movement Protest

Black and white photograph showing a group of young men and women marching and carrying signs

Please Enjoy These Signs From Students Protesting Climate Change Inaction

College students from various nearby schools march down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston in October of 1965

Martin Luther King Jr. addresses crowds during the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial


Helsinki demonstration against the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.jpg

The 1971 Student Massacre That Mexico Would Rather Forget

Student protests in democratic South Africa | South African History Online

On Oct. 21, 1967, tens of thousands of antiwar protesters marched on the National Mall and the Pentagon. At that time, antiwar activism was growing at UVA; ...